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Website development can sound pretty scary, but it’s easily explained through a few steps:

Website Design: Bring your ideas, color schemes, functionality ideas, and imagery. We’ll take that and create a PDF version of the home page for you to proof.

WordPress Development: Once design is approved we take that and using WordPress as the foundation, we begin building your custom site.

Data Entry: You provide the information about your company (simply because you know it best), then we finesse it to have the keywords that you need.

SEO: Speaking of keywords, we help you to create a list of keywords that best describe your business. We use the basic technique of “If you were searching for you..what words would you use?”

Responsive Coding: Once the site is good on a desktop version, we go through it and page by page. We make sure that your site shows up on different size screens, the way that it should That way whatever device the end-user is using, it will show the information properly.

Analytics: What good is a site if you have no clue how well it’s benefitting the business. Google Analytics is used to get into the details of how many people are on the site, what pages they looked at, and more.

tired of trying to build your own site?